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Hupu News on October 17 Recently, China international and Shenhua defender Zhu Chenjie said in an exclusive interview with reporter Ding Mengjie that he would not pay much attention to the voices of the outside world and more optimistic about SIPG.

《虎报》 10月17日消息近日,中国国际和申花后卫朱晨杰在接受记者丁孟杰的独家专访时说,他不会太在意外界的声音,而会对SIPG更加乐观。

Zhu Chenjie: This time I bought some books to close my life here for a month. I also brought a tea set, so I can bubble tea when I'm bored. The books I bring are "The Pattern" and "The Weakness of Human Nature."


Zhu Chenjie: First of all, it is very happy to be included in the national team roster, and I am very grateful to Director Li, including the trust of the coaching staff. This time participating in the national football training camp, the overall training volume of the team is not particularly large. After all, after the first stage of the game, the coaching staff also took into account that our physical condition needs to be adjusted. Overall, the training volume was arranged relatively properly, but some confrontation training was also added, and the overall completion was OK.


Zhu Chenjie: At that time, Director Li told me that because I was a young player in the national team, he told me to boldly let go of shouting. As a central defender, I need to speak and shout. In this way, on the court, the opposing forward will be more afraid.


Zhu Chenjie: I think the team as a whole was satisfied with the completion of the game in the first stage. In the first half, our overall mental power, including the team's style of play and tactical execution, was very good. In the second half of the stage, due to foreign aid and injuries, we were also disturbed and encountered a lot of difficulties, but we were still very united and finally won a very important game together.


Zhu Chenjie: Because we also have exchanges in training, sometimes when we partner with Tingge, he will have some echoes to me during the grabbing or recycling process. Brother Zeng and I will communicate with each other later. For Mbia, I will observe his experience of making up defenses and looting to learn well.


Zhu Chenjie: Because of my special position, I have more chances to play. First of all, I would like to thank the club leaders Wu and Zhou for training me. They have always been very concerned about young players. At the beginning of the year, the leadership also talked with several of our young players. If young players can exercise more through the game, it will be of great help to our improvement. After Liu Ruofan and Zhou Junchen went out on loan, their performance was also very outstanding, which will definitely be very helpful to their careers.


Zhu Chenjie: We have had exchanges, but our positions are different, so we won't discuss our positions too much. At this stage, we can compete more, grow more, and accumulate more experience, which is definitely a good thing for us.


Zhu Chenjie: Because we have cooperated with each other for a long time. Director Cui also gave us guidance off the court, and slowly taught us his personal experience during training including the game.


Zhu Chenjie: In terms of signings this year, we have introduced a lot of capable players in China, and the overall strength of the team has improved to a certain extent. I think we are not afraid of any team, we can compete.


Zhu Chenjie: I have followed it. We usually go to watch each other's game video after the game, including before training and during dinner. Not only SIPG, for all teams, we have been paying attention.


Zhu Chenjie: After returning from my national team, I can feel that the team attaches great importance to these two games. The team basically maintains two training sessions every day, including these days we are doing our best for these two games. ready.


Zhu Chenjie: I think it can't be regarded as unpopular. As I said earlier, we have introduced a lot of players and the overall strength of the team has improved. The few games we played should be said to have played their due strength.


Zhu Chenjie: I don't think we need to pay too much attention to these. The most important thing is to do ourselves well, to play out the overall coordination of our usual training techniques and tactics and the overall arrangement of the coaches. Because the ball is round, no one knows what the result will be in the end.


Zhu Chenjie: At present, the overall atmosphere of Shenhua is very good. Everyone's mentality is to want to win the two games.


Zhu Chenjie: These two foreign players have the style of South American players. They are more flexible underfoot, and the speed of the ball is also very fast. They each have their own characteristics.


Zhu Chenjie: The goal set before is first of all to get a chance to play in the club. This has now been achieved. Another goal is to make it into the national team. Although these have been achieved, I know that I still have many shortcomings, and these shortcomings will be improved and improved step by step.


Zhu Chenjie: I feel like this, because our domestic players are also very capable in the country, so the overall strength of our domestic players is not inferior to their opponents.


Zhu Chenjie: The first is our overall cohesion and the team spirit. When we played in Dalian, although Mr. Wu didn't go there, he always cared about the team. Mr. Zhou would also mobilize before the start of each game to encourage everyone and help everyone solve various problems. I believe that under such a team atmosphere, we will achieve better results.


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